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The Digital Asset Manager With Active Trading

  • Benefit from rising and falling prices.
  • Professional Trading.
  • Combination of human and algorithm.

This investment is associated with high risks. Please read the risk warning of Bernstein Financial Services.

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Based In Germany

The asset management company and the account-holding broker are domiciled in Germany.

For Everyone

Already possible from 10,000 euros for the speculative investor.


You invest without notice periods. So your money is always available.

Simple. Online. Digital.


You open an account online in your name and legitimise yourself conveniently online at the computer or via mobile app.


You complete the asset management contract online so that Bernstein Financial Services can trade your account.


You can now follow the trading online via your smartphone conveniently via app.

Deliberately different.

Deliberately active

In order to benefit from short-term events, the strategy of BFS relies on several decisions per day.

Unlike traditional digital asset managers that only adjust ETF weights on a daily basis, BFS is actively speculating on price changes.

Deliberately focusing on the bull market and the bear market

All classic asset management companies try to reduce risks in falling markets, but always incur losses.

Thanks to the possibility of participating in falling prices, Bernstein Financial Services can achieve a positive return for its clients even in times of stock market crashes and other turbulent market phases.

Deliberately diversified

Many investors already have a stock portfolio or are indirectly invested in equities via funds or life insurance policies.

The investment of BFS therefore deliberately aims at a low correlation to these investments and, according to scientific findings, is therefore an essential and important building block for any classic portfolio.

Deliberately transparent

In addition to your access via smartphone app, you will automatically receive an account statement via email about the daily activity in the evening.

At the end of each month, you will also receive a statement of all activities in that month by email.

Marc Pötter Geschäftsführer Smart Markets

Expert tip: Caution, risk with active investments.

A high return potential with active investment decisions is always accompanied by the following risks.

  • Extreme fluctuations in the value of the portfolio are possible.
  • The performance can develop negatively up to the total loss of the capital.
  • Investors must be very willing to take risks.
  • Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Marc Pötter  //  Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) and Trader at Smart-Markets

Professional Asset Management

This investment is associated with high risks. Please read the risk warning of Bernstein Financial Services.

Actively benefit from falling prices.

Invest Like The Pros

Long und Short

Long & Short

What was previously reserved for institutional investors and hedge funds is now possible for every risky investor:

Participation in rising and falling prices of stock indices such as the DAX.

Professional Risk Management

An algorithm controls the risk of each trade. This ensures that the correct amount of each trading signal is executed in your account.

Developed By Experts.

The active trading strategy of Bernstein Financial Services was developed in close cooperation with the professional traders of Smart-Markets, who look back on over 20 years of experience in private banks, brokers and as traders and developers and are certified worldwide (Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA), Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA)).

Safety is self-evident.

As a digital asset management company, it goes without saying that the highest security standards are observed in all areas.

As a regulated financial services institution in Germany, Bernstein Financial Services is a member of the Compensatory Fund (EdW).

Bernstein Financial Services has NO access to your account or capital as an asset management company.

You maintain your account with the Bernstein Bank in Munich, which is also regulated in Germany and is a member of the Compensatory Fund EdW.

Bernstein Bank customers pay into a fiduciary collective account with a German deposit-taking bank, which is also a member of the Association of German Banks (BdB). This means that the client deposits in this trust account are additionally secured by the BdB. The security limit set here is 100,000 euros legally and currently more than 40 million euros per customer via the BdB. Further information can be found on the following page: BdB.

Asset management Bernstein Financial Services is regulated and monitored by the German Financial Market Supervisory Authority BaFin. Bernstein Bank is regulated and supervised by the German Financial Market Supervisory Authority BaFin and the Bundesbank.

Active Management At Low Cost

The costs for asset management are as follows

2,4% p.a. + 20% performance fee

The management fees are charged at 0.2% per month. The performance fee is always calculated only on new account highs (High-Water-Mark). As a result, asset managers always have the greatest interest in achieving the best possible return for you.

In comparison, the costs of an active investment fund, e.g. with a holding period of 3 years:
3,17% p.a. + 10% performance fee (e.g. ISIN: LU0952573482).
(Costs p.a. consist of the issue premium and the management fee.)

Professional Asset Management

This investment is associated with high risks. Please read the risk warning of Bernstein Financial Services.

Actively benefit from falling prices.

Perfect Diversification For Classic Portfolios

The modern portfolio theory of Harry M. Markowitz belongs to the absolute standard repertoire of every asset manager.

In 1990, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics for his findings together with two colleagues. Today, the investment decisions of large pension funds, banks, fund managers and other capital accumulators are based on his teachings.

The more independent the investments are of each other, the better for the overall portfolio.
(Recommendation by Nobel Laureate Harry M. Markowitz)

Most classical and also digital asset management are strongly correlated with the global stock market. Many investors and traders already own shares, funds or investment-linked life insurance policies. This can lead to undesirable cluster risks, although you want to achieve risk diversification with different investments / asset managers.

Therefore, Bernstein Financial Services is one of the few asset managers to pursue an active strategy that is relatively independent of the classic stock market.

Thus, an investment in the strategy of Bernstein Financial Services according to Markowitz is a very good addition to classic equity investments, funds or asset managers, as a good risk diversification is achieved.

Geschäftsführer und Gründer Thomas Busch

Expert Tip: Caution, Risk With Admixtures.

Even if, in terms of portfolio theory, Bernstein Financial Services' investment is a very good addition to classic stock portfolios, it remains a risky investment and should only be made with risk capital and a small portion of your total assets.

Similar to hedge funds, which are very popular with institutional investors, Bernstein Financial Services pursues an active strategy, where there can be significantly higher fluctuations in both directions.

This can also lead to high negative fluctuations.

     Thomas Busch  //  Trader and Founder of Smart-Markets

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Professional Asset Management

This investment is associated with high risks. Please read the risk warning of Bernstein Financial Services.

Actively benefit from falling prices.